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Lemon Comics on blogi johon on tarkoitus kerätä japanilaisen piirroserotiikan historiaa digitaalisessa muodossa jälkipolville.

Lemon Comics is just your average blog concerning the digital preservation of the 80s “hentai” and “lolicon” culture. Non-finnish readers are recommended to use Google Translate for massive damage.

Note that Lemon Comics hearthily recommends to buy originals rather than stick to scans, but we also realize that it’s not always possible especially in the case of vintage comics and that’s the reason why Lemon Comics exists in the first place.

Couple of disclaimers:

Lemon Comics will not be publishing any works that are currently printed in Japan. This is a blog about history.

Note that there is no guarantee on the accuracy and quality of translations. They are presented purely as fan works. People behind them aren’t professional translations in any way, but fans who are studying or have studied Japanese.

Inquiries concerning removal of copyrighted material can be sent to: randoseru@littleangelshentai.net

このブログは80年代のエロマンガについてです。 ここにスキャンと情報があります。申し訳ありません、このウェブサイトは英語とフィンランド語だけです。

著作権に関するお問い合わせ: randoseru@littleangelshentai.net


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